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Safety Points and BSAC Rules

  • Ocean divers can dive with other Ocean divers to a maximum depth of 20m, no decompression stops and the approval of the DO or appointed Dive Manager.
  • Maximum depth: Club Divers -20m, Sports Divers – 35m, Dive Leaders and above – 50m.
  • All divers are strongly recommended to carry an alternative air source. An octopus rig or preferably, for deeper dives, a pony rig.
  • It is highly recommended that all divers have a delayed surface marker buoy (SMB) and reel with them.
  • Those wishing to dive on Nitrox should liaise with the Dive Manager before hand. The dive may be unsuitable for using Nitrox. Maximum operating depth (MOD) for 32% oxygen is 35 metres, and for 36% oxygen is 30 metres.
  • Diving on the South coast of the peninsula is to avoid the areas of St. Tudwal’s, Carreg y Trai and Porth Ceiriad on busy Bank Holiday and mid-summer weekends.
  • Whenever possible, and especially in areas of significant boat traffic, there must be at least two people in the boat whenever divers are in the water.
  • Diver Recall. (signals to get you back to the surface in event of an emergency). One or more of the following: Rewing boat outboard. 4 rope pulls on SMB line or shot line. An ankle weight or a karabiner dropped down SMB line. Thunderflashs (we haven’t got them yet).
  • A 6 metre safety stop of at least one minute is recommended at the end of each dive.
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