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Sound of Mull Sept 04

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“A number of club members were invited (by our Scottish agent, Melanie) to join the Grampian Club of Aberdeen on a long weekend (25-27 Sept) diving in the Sound of Mull. Malcolm, Lee, Carol & David were booked for the trip, but at the last minute Carol reluctantly dropped out and Paul (who else!!) gallantly stepped in to take her place.

The weather forecast was atrocious, but the draw of a diver’s lodge in Lochaline (just short of 500 miles away) was too much to resist, and was it worth it? Two excellent wrecks, The Hispania and the Thesis, several magnificent walls (Lee has now met lots of every type of Squat Lobster, and has been mesmerized by feather stars), viz. of 8 meters or so, which the Scottish divers kept apologizing for, and even a leisurely stroll through Tobermory between dives on Saturday. Oh, and they did serve up some excellent food. Then, to top it all, there was the Social Club, where David & Malcolm found, and Lee rediscovered, a wee Scottish tipple called Morgan’s Spiced!!, and we all failed miserably when Paul rashly challenged one and all to an international pool match.

The weather wasn’t really an issue, as we were on a good solid hardboat, which got us out in a force 8, which was driving right down the Sound on Sunday afternoon. See the photographs above .

All in all, a great weekend. Why don’t we, as a club, do this sort of thing more often? All those in favour say aye.” DWJ.

Photographs: Lee Calderwood.

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