Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Pembroke May 1999

Wave Shape

In early May, five assorted diver and a few extra family headed for Dive Pembroke-shire in search of sun, sea, scallops and lashings of red wine.

We arrived at the camp site around 7.30 p.m. No Malcolm, no Neil, no Paul, not even November. No sign of anyone but a rampant site mistress, (not Ian’s type). Mobile phoned Malcolm. “Just leaving Pulrose Garage!!” “Bloody ell!” Off to the pub for some live entertainment. (In Pembroke? Yes) “Stand by your man” she sang as she looked deep into my eyes. “Not if I can help it” I thought.

Ian showing a big five with Skomer Island in the background.

On Saturday we met at Martin’s Haven and Malcolm, Paul, Hugh and Ian headed out on Dive Pembrokeshire’s ribs to dive on the Lucy. (Neil had a cold and didn’t dive all weekend) The Lucy is a small ship that sank with its cargo of calcium carbide, just off Skomer. It lies in about 40 metres of water and is about 36 metres to the deck. In the afternoon we dived a very silty “Deadeye” wreck the other side of Skomer Island. It was a very flattened wreck.

On Sunday we dived on 2 reefs, Stack Rocks and Hen and Chicks. The vis was better, the sun shone, octopus, shoaling coalid and amazing anemone gardens were all to be seen. All followed by a barbecue, more red wine and a good time at the camp site. How did Hugh get his legs stung by nettles on the walk back?? Something to do with looking on the bright side of life we think! Monday we were down to do two dives the others still had colds or had family commitments.

Hugh and Ian dived the Lucy again, the vis was better and a great dive was had. But on our ascent at 6 m we watched two divers ascend using a controlled buoyant lift. It seems that Rex from the Cheshire Club, with whom we had been diving all weekend, had a heart attack on his ascent. First aid, AV oxygen and cardiac compression all happened on the rib and helicopter but sadly he was dead on arrival at the hospital. Apart from the tragic accident a great time was had by all. We hope to run a similar trip next year, possibly with our own boat.

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