Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Hurghada April 2004

Wave Shape

Around 10 a.m. on Friday 9th April Hugh and Neil took off from Gatwick Airport in an airborne sardine can belonging to Excel Airways bound for Hurghada. What was in the minds of each and how they would get on was in the lap of the gods. However when asked it was agreed that Neil would say that he was travelling with his grandfather.

Looking back to what made the holiday, it was the diving and the people we met while we were diving. (To: Lars, Kaj, Suzanna and Annemarie. Thanks for the good time. We hope the leg is better Suzanna). Photographs below. The weather was great. The dive company, Easy Divers were excellent, although one of their female members of staff on our last day did let slip that she has a soft “G”; luckily we had done all our diving by then. No, actually it was the detailed briefings by our divemaster Moustafa (see photo) that that meant that we could relax and enjoy the diving. (This is a stop gap report until Neil is able to put fingers to keys.)


Dive Details

Date Site Depth (m) Time (min) Comments
Saturday 10th Abu Ramada South 21.1 58
Gotta Abu Ramada 13.7 68
Sunday 11th Torfu Abu Nugar 14.4 62
Aruk Abu Nugar 15.1 61
Monday 12th Marsa Abu Galawa 20.8 54
El Sachwa 15.5 80
Amal Village. Home Reef 10.7 66 Night dive
Tuesday 13th Small Giftun 20.4 54
Shaab Sabina 11.6 58
Wednesday 14th Excalibur 21.7 39 Wreck dive
Fanadir North 18.3 63
Thursday 15th Ghannis D 22.5 21 Wreck dive
Yellow Fish Reef 19.1 60
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