Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Gran Canaria Oct 1998

Wave Shape

Half term and off to Gran Canaria for some diving. The first club expedition overseas with over fifty members and friends going along. We stayed in Club Paradiso hotel in Puerto Rico.

The highlights so to speak, in no particular order are as follows.

  • Passengers where asked to remain seated on our arrival at Las Palmas so that police could board the aeroplane and remove a passenger who had interfered with one of the air stewards. One of our members! Shame. We got him back fairly quickly as the Spanish speaking police could not come up with a Welsh-Spanish interpreter.
  • The police played another role of spoilsport when one of our married couples got carried away with the romantic location of the beach. They arrived back at the hotel somewhat out of breath, leaving a trail of sand behind them.
  • A newly transplanted palm tree is no match for a diver especially if the dive is from the balcony above.
  • If you leave the door of your van unlocked you are sure to have something nicked in Las Palmas. The divers lost two Aladdin dive computers from the back of the dive centre’s van. Of course the dive centre was not insured and would take no responsibility. Thanks guys.
  • Diving a very interesting wreck off Mogan meant being visited by a tourist submarine.
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