Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Aya Napa, Cyprus. Oct 2000

Wave Shape

Thanks to Julie Roberts the Lleyn Sub-aqua Club did its second overseas trip this time to Ayia Napa. Now Ayia Napa is not well known for its diving well at least not for the diving below the waves but fear not our intrepid and even fearless divers ventured forth. We have to admit that we did not meet the well endowed lady who keeps a diving shop in Protarus, sorry Alan. But we did dive many of your recommended dives.

Mike taking a breather

We put our diving in the hands of Scuba Napa run by a very good judge of character Penicos whose diving briefings consisted mainly of the instruction to go left. Things did improve when he took on help in the shape (Oh yes) of Yo Yo from Sweden. (Wey hey. We lost our appetite for a visit to Protarus) We really got a good briefing from Yo Yo. Yo Yo had very small hands but watching her use them try to extract a very reluctant octopus from its small hidey hole was enough to make your eyes water.

So what were the dives? Well we did the Caves which seemed to satisfy those amongst us who like to get into tight spots. Then it was Cape Awkward and Chapel, Canyon and Green Bay which we did twice, the second time as a night dive. Nothing spectacular but very good.

Twice we did the longish drive to Larnaka to dive the wreck of the Zenobia. Wow, that was something. We felt like ants on the backside of a particularly large elephant or Rimmer doing a space walk outside Red Dwarf. The wreck is enormous. It is a Roll-on-Roll-Off ferry which sank on its maiden voyage off Larnaka harbour in 1980. It lies on its side in about 40m of water. The shot line takes you to the propellers at 18m then it is down to the stern at 40m then along and up to the bows, then back to the shot line.

The night life, well what can one say. We did the Chinese, the Japanese, the British, and the Wimpy. We did the beer and the cocktails. One cocktail in particular called the Pink Pussy seemed to be doing the rounds; In fact the DO was offered a Pink Pussy by a delightful, young, JMC rep lady; but went for her cocktail instead.

As the week progressed the weather got worse until on the final day we had the sort of rain which we would soon be getting in UK. It tipped it down. Anyway we were soon back to Manchester and reality, but having had a bl**dy good time. Many thanks to Julie for all the trouble she took in organising it.

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