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Wave Shape

Monday 13 June 2022

Porth Ysgaden – With a very good turnout of 9 divers, Andrew with Sianed, Dewi with Lowri, Brett with David and Laura. Mike just stayed in the shallows to test out new kit and weight check.

Andrew and Sianed having a dive time of 44min and a max depth of 5.1 meter and Sianed completed OD 001, Dewi and Lowri having a dive time of 41min and a max depth of 8.3 meter Lowri progressing well, Brett with David and Laura also had a good dive.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Porth Ysgaden- With a brilliant turnout of 11 divers, Andrew with Guy and Mary, Brett with Mari, David with Sion, Dewi with Ned and Laura. Mike just stayed in the shallows playing with his kit and weight check

Andrew, Guy and Mary having a dive time of 38min and a max depth of 4.7 meter, Brett and Mari having a dive time of 37min and a max depth of 3.7 meter. David, Sion, Dewi, Ned, Mike all reported back having good dive’s and Sion completed OD 001.

Thursday 16 June 2022

Porth Ysgaden – With a turnout of 5 divers, Andrew with Sianed and Sion, Dewi with Lowri, but Mike opted for shore cover.

Andrew, Sianed and Sion having a dive time of 61min and a max depth of 7.3 meter and both completed OD 002, Dewi with Lowri having a dive time of 50min and a max depth of 8.7 meter, Lowri completed OD 002 and started OD 003.


Sunday 19th June 2022

The day was set aside for the Diver Coxswain course running out of Pwllheli harbour. The weather was dry with a moderate breeze which led to idle conditions for the course. Brett and Andrew were the Students, with David in charge of course delivery with Dewi shadowing David. The Course commenced in Pendre with boat preparations before setting off for Pwllheli. First up were the high speed manoeuvres, followed by man over board drills, deployment of the anchor, preparing and deployment of the shot, approaching a shelving beach and dropping / recovery of divers.

In shore drills were performed last with coming along side a jetty before the three point turn. The day was done or as we thought before David and Andrew were called upon to rescue an injured sailor in the marine and ferry them to a nearby slip. All students passed and now we have an additional 2 diver coxswain in the club, next up will be Melanie and Jake in the near future.

The boat was then kept at Glanerch Pencaenewydd for the forthcoming week.

Monday 20th June 2022

An evening dive was scheduled for qualified divers with a total of 8 registering their interest. Weather conditions were great an Sea Wasp was joined and assisted by Sparrow Hawk to convey all divers to the St Tudwals Island. It was vital that some of us got some boat diving in before the Isle of Man trip. First in was Andrew / Brett off Sea Wasp followed by David / Laura off Sparrow Hawk, with both pairs opting to dive different parts of the east Island. Both pairs claiming good viz with an abundance of life. Next in was Melanie / Jake and Mike / Dewi, again both pairs opting for different dives, given that we were on neap tides all divers reported near slack dives with very little current throughout. The return to Pwllheli, and fortunately we were heading for the longest day as the boat was not back in Glanerch until 10.30pm.

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Tonights diving was going to be a first for some with Sion and Lowri having their first boat dives, the selected site was Llanbedrog reef which was an idle location for the first boat dive. Weather and condition were excellent and with Mike providing dedicated cox duties Instructors and trainees were free to concentrate of the diving. We arrived on site in short time, shot was prepared and deployed exactly on the edge of the reef. Lowri / Dewi were first in and worked their way along the reef in an anti clockwise direction. They were followed by Sion / David. Viz was excellent and no current although being mid tide which made staying on the reef a doddle. Vast amount of life on the reef including roaming lobsters, plenty of crab, conger eel, juvenile fish, a Red Gurnard a huge shoal of pollock passing over the reef. Both pairs opting to deploy DSMB and ascending to the surface following successful safety stops. Congratulations to Lowri and Sion for completing there first boat dive, they did really well and appeared to have really enjoyed themselves. Overall depth achieved of about 11.5m and both are now ready for extended depth experience.

Friday 24th June 2022

The last dive of the week and unfortunately the good weather had broken, but the shore dive at Porth Ysgaden was on slack water and it was hoped that the viz would be ok. Going in tonight was a threesome of Andrew, Mike and Jake, also in for the first time was Cai and Melanie, this being the first sea dive for Cai. David and Dewi were providing shore cover. The threesome ventured out on the mainland side of the bay and Melanie / Cai eventually opting to zig zag between the two sides after Cai took on a further 2 kgs to get under the water. On surfacing all stating that their was a bit of swell and viz was a bit cloudy, despite this Melanie and Cai had managed to get about 4-6m of depth and also completed some of the open water drills.

As I said at the start a busy week and it was vital that we made the most of the good weather = with the Isle of Man trip scheduled between 2/7 – 7/7 it likely that diving opportunities for this period will be limited. Lets hope for some good consistent weather over the next few months.



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