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Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Sunday 12th September 2021

An early weekend morning with no breeze and flat sea, Dewi, David and myself met at Pendre to pick up the boat for 7:30am and for Mike to be at Porth Colmon for 8:00am.

We launched the boat and headed off to a new dive site near the Tripods designated as (AS-BG Reef) for the first dive, shortly after arriving we had a brief encounter with a Risso’s Dolphin. The first dive was to be a single wave of 3 as Dewi’s back was playing up. David, Mike and myself went under at 8:53, unfortunately the vis was very poor and at 20+ metres also it was very dark. The new dive site does have potential with many deep gullies. Unfortunately, the gullies, lack of vis and the darkness meant I lost my buddies or they lost me? Either way I stopped my dive and did the normal routine of looking for my buddies and after a couple of minutes I ended my dive and deploying my DSMB and returning to the surface. I was first up with a dive time of 25 minutes and a max depth of 24 metres with poor dark vis of 2 metres, David and Mike had a dive time of 35 minute and a max depth of 28 metres.

We headed off to Porth Oer for a spot of lunch before heading off for our second dive at Braich y Noddfa with Dewi and me buddying up this time.

After my 2-hour surface interval, Dewi and I were first down and with better vis but not great, the topography was breath-taking with pillars overhangs, swim throughs sadly a bit too tight for comfort and with lots of fish and an orange thing. Dewi and I had a dive time of 45 minutes and a max depth of 19 metres with an OK vis of 3 metres. David and Mike went in together but didn’t surface together with Mike up first with a dive time of 21 minutes and a max depth of 16 metres then David surfaced 15 minutes later reporting poor vis and a dive time of 36 minutes and a max depth of 20 metres.

Fortunately, both dives were slack water dives. We finished our days diving at 13:03. With all divers safely aboard, we headed back to Porth Colmon. Recovering the boat which went without a hitch for a change and then all back to Pendre.

All in all, a good day with an early start and an early finish. Thanks to everyone and especially to Dewi for the towing, launching and recovery.


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