Wave Shape
Wave Shape
Wave Shape

30th of June 2021 

dive trip to the Straits was planned and an early meet at the Antelope car park to decide which location given that David had reported the steps at the Normal site had disappeared.

David and Dewi arrived early and went to reccie the College Normal site, they promptly decided to re-build the steps to allow access to the shoreline.

Having passed David’s rigorous civil engineering standards it was decided to dive the college site.

David & Keiron were to buddy up with Melanie & Dewi being the other pair. A simple dive follow the reef on your left on the out and then on your right coming back, what could possible go wrong!!

Visibility was poor and both buddy pairs continued finding depths of 18m but lost the reef and somehow ending up in the middle of the Straits. Both Melanie and David began to doubt compasses with the end result of both pairs surfacing and surface swimming to the entry location🙈

Nevertheless a decent dive was had, plenty of life, loads of juvenile crabs, lobsters and Mike favourite sguidgy things. Dive rustiness was definitely prevalent “ You should always trust your compass’ being the saying post dive.

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