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Dive Report for Sunday 1st July.

With a bit of a blow from the NE forecast for later in the day Mike moved the diving from the North Coast to a Pwllheli launch, diving Hell’s Mouth. There were only 5 takers, myself, Mike & John, Tim venturing out after over 2 years without a dive, possibly prompted by an imminent trip to the Azores, and new member Simon from the Wirral. With the tide just about at high water I opted to take Simon to dive the island on the east side of Hell’s Mouth. Tim was given the choice of joining us or Mike & John, but past adventures with Mike came to his mind and he quickly decided on us! We dropped in on the north side and after getting Tim’s weights sorted explored a few very interesting inlets before heading through the gully between the island and the headland. Very little swell so it was a doddle. Viz. was as good as it ever gets at something well over 10 metres and as a consequence there were lots of fish, mainly pollack and ballan wrasse, evident with big shoals of juvenile pollack. We crossed the reef and headed back to our start point before the current picked up and blew us off into the bay. Mike and John elected to cross the bay to dive Brett’s ridge, where they also had an excellent dive. We found Brett out fishing, giving him a bit of a scare as we appeared not unlike the fishery’s vessel. After lunch at the Rheol, Mike had us lined up for the Timbo, but given the likely boat traffic there we decided to stay and dive the ridge, except that none of us were concentrating on the ride out so Mike drove us straight to Trwyn Talfach so we dived just inside Pen ar Fynydd headland instead. This was yet another excellent dive with numerous fish, including cuckoo wrasse, and lobsters and the same brilliant viz. Only pity was that my second cylinder had leaked and had only 150 bar which limited us to just over half an hour. It was fortuitous that we had avoided the Timbo as Tim, who had been struggling throughout with an extra 3kg. weight in one pocket, lost his buoyancy and surfaced twice during the accent. Mike and John did much the same dive and were equally enthused, not least by the size of the scallop bed just off the reef. The wind had been picking up all afternoon as forecast so we made our way back on a choppy sea, but happy as sand boys. The diving simply doesn’t get any better than this around here. Unless, that is, we manage to go to Bardsey and Caswenan as planned next weekend!, which with no end to this spell of weather in sight, could happen?


Dive Report for Wednesday 4th July.

The plan was for the Straits, with the tide being so unfavourable for the shore down here, but Brett intervened to offer Sea Cat for up to 6 divers. As it happens, with neither option being suitable for the OD trainees, that was the exact number who were interested, with Mike, who was available to do shore cover, being roped in as Cox’n.. We met at the NT carpark at 6pm and were down the hill and off without delay. Brett & Nia were first in on the ridge, for 48 minutes it is alleged, followed by Andrew and Laura for 54 minutes, and finally Tim and me for 46 minutes. It was brilliant again, excellent viz. and lots of life but no little brown jobbies reported. Most adjourned for refreshments up at Brett & Nia’s, those who didn’t missing out on assorted scones, jam and cream. Then back home in time to water the veg and greenhouse, yet again. On on!


Dive Report Sunday 8th July

David was the manager and I was the organiser, and for once the weather and tide conditions were on our side ,therefore it was deffinetley going to be Castwenan as planed. It was an early start, with David coming over for Brett and myself at 7.30am and Dewi was to meet up with us at Pendre for 8.00am, Simon also met up with us there, and the rest to meet us at Porth Colmon for 8.30 sharp…there was a tight time table to keep to. We were eight in numbers therefore Mike was out with Sparrowhawk too.

The buddy pairings were, David and Dewi, Andrew and Mike, Brett and Laura, and Simon and Nia.

We headed out towards Bardsey for a nice gentle first dive, only to find there was no sight of Bardsey it was in the mist!!!!!but we were optimistic the sun would soon burn it off. So it was plan B, first wave of divers to dive in shore under Mynydd Mawr nice easy dive!!!!!!. Mike opted out therefore Andrew joined Simon and myself. The vis is amazing it’s almost like being abroad, a good 10 meters if not more. It was a lovely first dive, lots of life big shoel of pollock, conger eel, cod,lots of small fish, not sure what they were, lobster,few crab, oh and yes 6 crawfish. The smb went up and and the tide took us, but all was good. I got soaking wet!!!!! Dewi and David also had a good dive, but they managed to keep out of the current. Brett and Laura opted to dive under the light house on Bardsey as the mist had disappeared by now, hoping to meet up with the seals. I was dropped off on route to try and dry off onshore. Brett and Laura also reported a good dive, but didn’t see any seals. Oh… and yes it is reported that they could hear Brett swearing under the sea, you guessed it he went without his SMB, and who’s fault was that I wonder!!!!!!

Lunch was on the island, short and sweet no hanging about …time and tide waits for no man as they say!!!!!!. And it was off to find Castwenan , there was some deliberation as to where the mark was the shot was deploey and retrieved again, and shot again, it was looking much better this time, but we were early the tide was still running quite fast. Anyways it was Andrew and Mike in first followed by David and Dewi. Andrew was bussing when he came back up, yes I’ve finally made it , vis very good and very impressive pinickle were reported, as was David and Dewi, but they did report upsetting the natives down there that is quite a large lobster. The rest of us decided to dive Penrhyn mawr, on the way back home. But this time Brett and Simon paired up from Sparrowhawk and Laura and myself from Seawasp. We had a lovely dive fish in abundance and some quite large , squat lobsters, leapord sppoted goby, but to name a few. Was well out of my comfort zone but all was good , I managed to get Laura back to the rib safely. But I do need to work on my rib entry!!!!!! And the swim through was located and marked.

All in all a perfect days diving with brilliant sunshine.

Diolch Nia


Dive Report for Wednesday 25th July.

Eight divers phoned in and ten turned out, and with the weather so good who can blame them. The pairings were myself and Ron, Mel and Julie, Laura and Jake, David and Carol, and Andrew and Chris.

Mike did shore cover for us. Chris is someone we met on the Gwynfaen and had been in touch with Mike. Unfortunately this was Carols first dip with the club in a while only to have her HP hose blow on entry, so David did a solo dive.

Andrew and Chris attempted to reach Maen Mellt, but the tide stopped them just short of it, good navigation though. Laura and Jake had a good bimble with someone pulling Jakes fins and getting his heart racing. Mel and Julie did some of lesson two, and then had a bimble.

Ron did the tow of 20 meters, trod water with the help of the BC,did buoyancy check off the sea bed then we went out for look around to see what was about. Ron’s mask gave him a lot of trouble flooding, to the extent that we swapped masks. Although my mask still let in a little water he managed to deal with it.Ron’s mask did not leak for me.

Dive times varied between 38 and 58 minutes with the maximum depth being 8.2meters. The life encountered were young cod & Pollock, scorpion fish,Tompots,Ballan Wrasse, Lesser weaver, plaice ,flounder, dogfish, larger Pollock, lobsters were out in the open, brown crab, spiders and also a few bass at the end of the dive swimming over Jake and Laura.

We then retired to the watering hole.


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