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Saturday 2nd

Mickey had cancelled the Sunday dive as the weather was turning wet & wild.

I volunteered to take over if we could get enough takers.

Well we had four so I decided to take the Rib out as I was advised it hadn’t been tested since the issue of stalling had been Rectified.

All was Well.

The pairings were Andrew and Gwenno and David and myself.

The launch was pretty straight forward, although there was a traffic jam, but I jumped the lights and got the boat on the water before the others made there mind up what they were doing there!

Andrew coxed,and therefore did the dreaded call to Holyhead Coast Guard.

Apparently we are now Sea wasp, a yellow umm umm boat, you get the picture

The first dive was off Penrhyn point.

This was fairly shallow dive of 15 metres and lasted 50 minutes . Vis was around 7metres

There was plenty to see to keep you busy namely 4 brownies,5 congers ,wrasse, dogs, something that resembled a small scallop,possibly a Ribbed saddle oyster, a pipefish crab and lobsters.

We called into Porth Iago for lunch, very sheltered.

The second dive was Maen mellt,David and myself went in on the westward tip and went around the North side.

the vis here was a good10-12 metres and lasted 44 minutes.

There were many large Pollock and ballan wrasse here as well as conger, cuckoo wrasse, bib,pouting,crab and lobster and a patch of jewel anemone, and a craw fish that we managed to notch.

With the vis so good the walls were pretty striking,

We also found a peace of a wreck which looked interesting but we left it for Micky.

Andrews dives with Gwenno went well as they were Gwenno’s first boat dive.

Gwenno got a little dehydrated through the second dive. Both dives were 32 minute dives to a depth of 15 metres.

Well worth the effort, beets working.


Dive Report Sunday 17th.

Report pending

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