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Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Saturday 29th

Well yet again the forecast was poor with a strong 12-17 Northerly wind expected.

On Wednesday night David and Andrew and myself told Mickey we were up for Sunday, but to no avail.On Saturday I was informed the day was cancelled, so again I intervened made a few calls, and scraped a team together. So we met at 930 at the Car park in Plas Yn Rhiw.

We loaded the Cat with kit and headed off to Penarfynydd where I had two strings of pots stuck off the point, along with one of Steve’s.Adrian and Andrew were first in.They went down the line and freed the first string. They surfaced and went to the second string. We meanwhile lifted the first string and moved it out the way. Then two lift bags appeared, with another pot attached. Then they surfaced and we picked them up. David and I proceeded down the line, having been warned it was like a spiders web down there. The first pot we came across was mine, so it was cut off and sent up. It was at this point that David lost me, but found another pot ,meanwhile I was caught up in the web. Having wasted many f words through my Reg, realised David and I had parted company ,I sat on top of a large boulder and untangled this mass of ropes from around my fins, after which I untangled them from around the pillar valve, after which I was free again. I moved around and came across David with yet another pot. I opened the door and we moved on. We had to surface as we had now lost the ropes for guidance. We managed to find one more pot which we sent to the surface. At some point David had put his hand inside a pot to I assume to shake hands with a lobster, which I don’t think he will be doing again in very poor Vis.Our dive was 37 minutes I was back in my non waterproof drysuit,and although the water was 14oc it was wet and cold inside the suit. Andrew and Adrian then dived the ridge. They saw many young wrasse,octopus,dragonets amongst other critters on there adventure. There Dive was 53 minutes David and I skipped the second dive , Seeing Andrew with chronic cramp didn’t help much to wet our appetites.

We called it a day and went back to the Rheol,and everyone had a coffee and got changed, well except David who had left his clothes at home, but as usual Carol had come to his rescue and brought them along for him. We stopped six pots from ghost fishing, so a job well done.

Many thanks to the willing victims of this exercise.


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