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Christmas Do come New Years Do

Well it’s that time of year again where I have to get my thinking hat on…….

Anyways the Date was 14th of January and the Venue The Twnti pub, again but under new management , and with good reports it was worth a go.

There was a very good turn out, we all met at the bar quite early, and much to everyone’s surprise even Malcolm was on time. The bar was very busy, and after some confusion with the waitress with some left to order and so on, our table was ready. The food was very good and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it , well……. unless everyone was just being polite!!!!…..

Then it came to the Raffles(and there were a few),well what can I say between the group of ladies on a table next to us and Mike, there was plenty of laughter …. And as always there was one end of the table winning ALL the prizes. And when it came to the last of the prizes Mike handed it over , and a little speech ,well , I had tears I was laughing so much. The CHASTITY BELT LOCK!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for making it such a great evening,

Good food and great company, I for one had a lovely evening, hope everyone else did as well.


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