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Report for Sunday 10th

It was not the best of sights as we approached the Rheol, with a large ground swell rolling in.

David, Andrew, Adrian and myself loaded up my little boat and away we went. The swell was so bad it pushed the boat and trailer side wards as we put the boat in the water, so it was jump on get out of there quick.

The dive plan was to retrieve a pot that was stuck and then to swim east to the edge of the reef and then to follow the ridge. Andrew and David went in first, dropping them off on the buoy
Their dive freed the pot and then went on what could only be described as a round trip as they went round in a large circle.

Then it was Adrian and my turn. We went straight down on the ridge and did a 34 Minuit dive .
Vis was around 1.5 metres with a compilation of dragonets, spinney stars, sea urchins, wrasse, 2 spot gobies double spiral worm, and a sand mason. We all survived the swell and arrived back safely.


Friday 29 November Chris Green’s 80th birthday bash (Christmas do)

It was a surprise birthday bash for Chris and it was a good turn out. Poor Chris thought it was a Christmas do, so the plan worked. The venue was Twnti the pub. We were set to have the Christmas menu and I think everyone enjoyed their meal, good home cooked food. After the meal there was the raffle to draw!!!!!! And there was plenty of prizes to choose from….. It went on and on and on and on even!!!!,but we did eventually get rid of all the prizes. Mike got up and said a few words and wished Chris happy birthday and there was even some bubbley thanks to Val. We even had a birthday cake, Chris was quite over whelmed and also said a few kind words. All in all it was a good night and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves but sadly it had to come to an end. So cheers and beers to Chris on his 80th….

Thanks to everyone all went well oh sorry Dewi my mistake!!!!!

St David’s day next??????

Cheers Nia.

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