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Its 2150 just had a chat with Carol the undefeated champion has just retired I hope! Actually he was the only one who could actually speak. The words purgoootory and I’d rather be diving were heard. I let on to Finn (faint smile) phoned Richard-on his second cup of tea – hard game yesterday something about 3 tries in 3 games line went dead. Saw Irfon sucking a drinks bottle dry as he went over the level crossing! We had to go then it gets cold when you stand around doing nothing. Must admit did enjoy the suffering


Sunday April 15th 2012, Gimlet Rock

With the Sea Wasp out of action, a shore dive was the only option for the four that had shown an interest in a Sunday dive. So David, Gwyn, Andrew and Irfon met at 3:30 for a dive on high water slack at Gimlet Rock. The viz was very good and there was plenty of life to be seen, including kasses of scallops, butter and pipe fish and a crab, or two. The sewage outfall pipe managed to elude both pairings, with one pairing overshooting it by a country mile, no names eh!


Wednesday April 18th 2012, Vivian Quarry

The sea was blown out so some training took place at Vivian. Irfon took Pete Roberts for SO4 which is compass navigation and DSMB deployment, all went well, that is apart from the inflation part of the sequence of deployment, not enough air meant that Pete’s DSMB was limp at best, where’s Anja when you need her? Meanwhile Brett was undertaking the same lesson with Dave, with the addition of Andrew as a spectator. Brett had decided that sitting down is a better option for deployment, and he may have something there as his effort was a firmer affair, although an on looking Nia didn’t seem overly impressed. We called in at the Glyn Twrog on the way home for a meal, a pint and a natter.


Sunday, 22nd of April Llanddulas and Penychain Reefs

The day started off with at meet at Pwllheli Harbour slip with Peter James, Peter Roberts and Irfon and also I would like to apologise to Gwyn for the mix up….enough said!

Peter James and Peter Roberts had a dive on the Llanddulas in poor visability, although Peter James said it was the best viz he’d had on this wreck. Plenty of prawns, silt, granite sets were seen and a couple of artefacts were recovered. We then went towards the shelter of Penychain for lunch, then went to Penychain reef for the second dive of the day. There was a fair amount of swell and after Peter Roberts shared his lunch with the fish, Irfon and Peter Roberts had a dive of 53 minutes on the reef in which they saw plenty of juvenile dogfish, butterfish, pipefish, a couple of spider crab and lobster.

We then had an uneventful recovery back to Pwllheli Harbour slip.

Peter R

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