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Sunday 26th September 2010 Trwyn Carreg-y-Tir

And then there were four! Yes only four hardy souls turned out for this one. After a week of windy weather on spring tides, it was unlikely to be a truly magical dive. We had a gentle day, little breeze & very little cloud, with just the slight nip of early autumn in the air. We (i.e. Wyn, David J, Peter & Dave H) set out from Castell March at 9.00, enjoying the serene pleasure of a tractor launch. Most , not even getting there feet wet, or sandy.

First dive was at Trwyn Carreg-Y-tir (for those that don’t know, this is along the cliffs to the east of Hell’s mouth). It is a headland with a small rock island, witch has a narrow strait to the headland. The strait has nice gulleys along it, with large boulders around the island. David J & Dave H went through & around the island until a slight tide blew them off for a short look at the terrain further south. Peter & Wyn went through & along the cliff edge to keep out of any current, for a leisurely 65 minutes. The sea life consisted of Ballan Wrasse & the odd dozy Pollock hiding in the Kelp. Vis. About 3metres.

Lunch was at Porth Ceiriad then on to the shrimp wreck. Now this was a bad move in hind sight. We put the shot down with good accuracy. But on arrival at the bottom the vis was fairly poor! Only about 2 feet & at 1.5 metres you lost the torch beam. So we all circumnavigated the wreck with our noses resting on the edge of it. Plenty of shrimps! (of course), quite a few hermit crabs on the sand, And a unknown sized shoal of something or the other floating above it. David J & Dave H were unconvinced at the merits of the dive, but the ever enthusiastic Pete & Wyn seem to have had great fun. So it was not a wasted dive then!

We all went back for Tea & Scones (Yum!Yum!) to Wyn’s. Mike turning up to provide shore cover, as we dived into the refreshments, not that he or little Mickey wanted any themselves!

Dave H

Sunday 5 September 2010. Nant Gwrtheyrn reef and the Gwenfaen

Large turnout at Porth Dinllaen with a total of 9 divers spread over the 2 ribs, Mike’s and the club’s. Dewi was the manager for the day with myself as the assistant manager (organiser, goffa, whipping boy etc, etc). Divers, Dewi, Carl, David H, David J, Mike, Wyn, Julie, Kirk and Irfon.

Short report as have little time, good drift dives in the morning with vis at around 5 metres but not too much life. Kirk and myself managed to lose David J who was leading the threesome from behind.

Afternoon dive at the Gwenfaen which was most interesting with dummies being spat out of the pram due to slight mishaps and a large charter boat bringing 10 plus divers at the same slack time onto the same site. It was like diving in the red sea with fins and bodies all over the place trying to rip bits of the boat, the poor congers and lobsters thought it was a new years eve party with all the bubbles.

All returned safe and sound thanks to Dewi for an excellently managed trip and doing the launching. Also a big thank you to Mike with the Sparrowhawk, who managed to even pay for half his own fuel. But hey, who said I could count, moral of the story stop being a Manager’s ASS-istant.


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