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Sunday 29th August 2010. Porth Ysgaden

For once we got what the weather men said, a nice day with gentle wind. The down side was that the tides were coming off springs & the day before was quite rough. So none of the party of six were expecting too much vis. The party being David J, Irfon, Dewi, Pete, Carl & Dave H. Dewi opted to launch from Porth Ysgaden; wise choice as Porth Colmon last week was reported as very mucky! The launch went well and soon we were off to sea for a drift over Micky’s reef.

Not being far off Porth Ysgaden we were soon on it, the only trouble was in a fast current you soon drift off! So while the divers kitted up we drifted away. Now that the divers were ready we made our way back, which took a little time and consternation from the first pair of divers (Irfon & Dewi) who were gently steaming in their suits. Maybe next time we kit up before hitting the site when there is a current flowing toward it, that way the boat gets on site when the divers are ready! So poor old Cox (David H) does not get so much flack. Remember girls, we are supposed to be doing this for fun!

Next in were David J & Carl. They, like Irfon & Dewi, went off on a fast-ish drift. On everyone’s return the report was of poor vis. with mainly Brittle stars as the predominant life being seen, the only highlight being an octopus spotted by Irfon & Dewi. Pete & David H had the same but spotted a Gurnard & a very large Dahlia anenomae.

After lunch at a small bay somewhere near Maen Mellt, we headed to Maen Mellt for the slack water dive. Slightly better vis. & masses of Wrasse & Pollock were to be seen, As well as the odd Conga, making for a very nice dive. On return to Porth Ysgaden mayhem had broken out with copious quantities of boats (some getting stuck on the beach), cars, tractors, kids playing in rock pools. We waited for the tide to fall a bit for ease of getting the boat out & to let the chaos settle. But all went well and home we went for dinner.

Dave H

Sunday 22nd August to Bardsey.

7 souls and 2 ribs went out to play launching from Porth Colmon and Porth Ysgaden. We were on the water at 9am on a day that had a forcast of no more than a 3-4. Mike and John in Sparrowhawk met up with Seawasp and novice cox (not dick head) Carl accompanied by dive manager Robin, with veteran divers Wyn, David J and Peter at the North face of Bardsey.

After a quick check of the currents, John and Mike went in first. Robin David J and myself went in next dropping down to 35 metres on a rocky bottom. Peter and Wyn went in last. Reasonable viz of around 4-5 mtrs and little current made for a nice dive amongst some of the usual suspects of lobsters, crabs, a couple of nice Bloody Henry star fish, 3 congers hidden in the rocky cracks but not a lot of anenomies, assume due to the location near the sound which would rip through at certain times of the tide cycle.

After lunch on Bardsey alfesco style we went to the south of the island and dived near lighthouse point, which excited me after hearing stories of monster crabs and lobsters the size of dustbin lids. The same dive wave pattern went in and found similar viz with a little more current and sea life than before lunch and reasonably sized crabs but with the added bonus of seeing an octupus out playing that gave us a little light show in skin colour changes. There were also more anemonies on the dive and urchines pulling the food out of the flow.

Porth Colmon as it was. Picture: Courtesy of Cymdeithas Hanes A Gwarchod Porth Colmon

Mike and John had short dives and had done a bit of fishing producing a bucket of mackerel which most the divers begged a couple each for the oil in-take. A great day was had by all. We were home for 5.30 with the dive gear stinking of Porth Colmon kelp, not nice but at least we all had our car keys!
Many thanks to Robin for launching and managing and Mike for being Mike and having the second rib out, always nice to be in pairs on the water even if his vessel is a little faster.


Sunday 8th August

The weather forecast was excellent. The tide wasn’t bad. The sea temperature is getting to the warmer side of balmy and where did we dive. Well, nowhere, as it happened, thus missing what may turn out to be the best Sunday this side of the end of the season. How can this have happened? To put it simply the Club’s core of regular divers has fallen so low that it only needs a few of the regulars to drop out and we can’t make the magic quorum of four. This weekend I was sick, Irfon was recovering from a Boy’s night out and Dave H was having a rest after being out on the two previous weekends. Mickey was tied to looking after the dog as Vi was away and Carl was getting over an illness while Dewi has a damaged foot. So Peter & Julie missed their day’s diving. In actual fact, this was a day waiting to happen, as we had been very close to it several times previously this season. I know that many of you have lots of demands on your time and so turn up only very occasionally. The danger is that unless a few more of you manage to get out a bit more then you may find that the numbers aren’t there on the days that you would like to go. Stated simply, your Club needs you to participate in the diving now and then to ensure that it will still be there for whenever you find you have a bit more time for diving. There is also the little matter of dive skills becoming rusty, which will inevitably happen if you don’t get out at least a few times each season. So, if you can arrange it, please try and get a dive or two in before the end of the summer. Remember, you can arrange to do just a single dive if the boat’s not going too far off shore. And, if you need to break back in gently, there are always the Wednesday evening shore dives. Thanks, David.

ps Does anybody want to organize this weekend’s diving as Simon can’t make it. If so, please let me know.

Sunday August 1st 2010. Bardsey.

Nice early start up at 5.00am for 2.5 hour drive to Wyns where we were launching boat. Joining the dive was David j, David h, Irfon, Micky, Wyn and Peter J We launched from the Warren and went to Bardsey and I had a little drive of the boat.

First dive was on the north side of Bardsey, David Hursey and I were first in. Dog fish, edible crabs and some lobster were seen. This was pretty good. Lunch was on Bardsey Island with second dive off tip of island. David was in his element as we hit kelp and I could not find my way out of it. Did see some very big lobster and large amount of pollack. Finished dive with me losing a fin as I jumped back in boat, Irfon and David went in search with no luck (bought new pair of turtle fins very good) very bumpy ride back to Warren where we were greeted by Wyn’s wife, Helen, with tea and cake. A very nice end to good day thank you to Wyn and is wife and to Wyn’s brother and kids for launching us.


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