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Dive report – Sunday 24 February 2008.

With the weather having broken it was back to dear old Vivian. We also needed more depth than any shore dive can offer. Craig & Nick both completed their Sports Diver training with the CBL element of SO1, with Craig also doing the tow & rescue breaths. After he had recovered his breath we practiced mask clearing on the platform followed by the real thing at 10m. Temp. was the coldest of the winter thus far at 6 degrees C., but both did well. There followed 2 excellent Assisted Ascents and SO5 was finished off with the navigation swim, which in Vivian is a bit of a doodle, unless you now live in Spain. (Sorry Mick, but you still have the record as the only trainee to have got lost in Vivian!) Nick finished his training by successfully deploying a couple of DSMB’s for the first time, to complete the outstanding part of SO4. Including surface time the dive lasted for about 50 minutes, so we were just a bit numb round the edges by the end. However, for the second weekend running we managed parts of 3 different exercises in a single session.

Dewi & Irfon took Mickey for a dive but managed to lose him (In Vivian, that must be something of a record as well) for a while. It seems they spent part of the time putting up signs, but managed a 37 minute dive in all. Wyn & Peter provided shore cover with both having found excuses to avoid diving, Wyn having put his back out and Peter suffering from a Minnesota cold, which at least means that he is human after all! All four then did the final part of DO7, BLS, using a resussi-anni in the car park. Fortunately it was getting on for 5pm so there wern’t many people around. Wyn & Irfon have now completed their Dive Leader training, while Peter & Dewi have a couple of dives to complete.


Sunday 16 February 08 – Porth Ysgadarn.

After a week of almost totally calm conditions the sea beckoned, for some at least!! Nick and Craig were both eager to complete their Sports Diver training, so with Irfon having monitored the bay for several days, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to complete SO1, CBL & tow including landing a casualty onto a sloping shore. As most will remember this is probably the most knackering exercise we do. The weather held and the day was sunny, calm and just a bit crisp, in other words just about as good as it gets in the winter.

Nick came early and completed the navigation exercise SO4 before Craig joined us after a dive with Ben from his RIB on a nearby reef. Viz. was about 4-5 meters, i.e. until we had passed by! We started SO1 with the practice of the tow and rescue breaths with both impressively landing their casualty with Ben’s assistance. Then, while kitting up again for the CBL part, Craig sat on either a jagged rock or an old metal fixture and tore a 3 inch rip in the backside of his dry suit. So his day’s diving finished early. Ben again stepped in as a body so Nick was able to complete the CBL & tow, as well as SO2, use of an SMB. He finished off by using his new compass skills to lead us back to shore.

It must be the first time that anyone has ever managed 3 exercises in one afternoon, so now Nick should complete the final exercise next weekend and will reach the Galapagos a week later as a Sports Diver.With a bit of luck, and a fairly big patch on his drysuit, Craig should also qualify at the same time. While all this was going on Irfon, Dewi & Carl dived the far reef wall and reported plenty of life.


Wednesday 14th February Pool Night Canolfan Hamdden

At the pre-pool meeting at 7:30pm seven of those who recently took part in a try dive are going to be joining the Club. Training for the six: Anna, Llyr, Tania, Brian, Rhian and Lois started immediately. Jonathan, fortunately we discovered, is already a PADI Advance Open Water diver and will be able to get the BSAC Ocean diver crossover qualificaton. He will do some revision sessions when the instructors are not fully occupied with the other trainees.

Thursday 7th February Glyn Garth. Intro to Diving

Unfortunately no photographic evidence. The meeting was set up at short notice to give those who had recently completed a try dive with the club an idea of the benefits and costs of joining the Club. This was done by Hugh who was then followed by David who talked about the Ocean diver training and what was involved. There was an excellent attendance of try divers: Anna, Brian, Tania, Emyr, Llyr, Lois and Rhian. It was a great benefit to have some of last year’s new members present as after the official business it enabled the potential new members a chance to find out what they would be letting themselves in for. Members present were: Gemma, Ben, Carl, Anja, Hugh, David, Mike, and Carol. The very enjoyable social went on quite a time after the official business finished.

Wednesday 23 Jan to 30 Jan Marsa Alam Expedition

A report will be posted in the expeditions section.

Saturday 12th January Post-Xmas pre-Red Sea winter BBQ & sleep over

Originally promoted by Anja as a BBQ for all the family. Members with the option of bringing their children along with them sensibly decided not to take the risk. Lee who was actually going to bring his children with him was unable to attend due to having too much petrol in his 4X4’s tank, diesel tank. Easily done.

The wind and rain did their best to dampen the spirits of the revelers during the barbeque but failed gloriously. We huddled warmly together in the gazebo deep in conversation, with the alcohol, the smoke and the company more than keeping the damp chills away. The cooked meat was piling up in the oven the salads and german bread (Anja had finally used the bread making machine) had been laid out in the dining room and finally it was time to eat. The talk level lowered to a gentle murmuring and a sound not unlike a herd of rumenants munching fresh grass.

Then it was the quiz. Anja’s quiz on Eastern Europe and East Enders. Members furtively eyed those sitting with them trying desperately to decide whether to stay or jump table in order to stand a better chance. However it was a bit like deciding which supermarket queue to join and anyway it was easier to stay put. Then the questions started. What was operation Barbarosa? Who wrote crime and punishment? On which sea do all the following countries have a shore line? What is the Russian premier’s first name? What is the link between St Petersburg, Petrograd and Leningrad? What was the name of the treaty which bound the communist states together? etc, etc. Unfortunately for several contestants, Bulgaria did not feature in any of the answers. However the club did distinguish itself in its knowledge of the subject, much to the surprise of everyone there.

Slowly the party broke up as some had to return to their loved ones, others went home and some stayed the night to sample the luxury accommodation that is Tudor Lodge. Next morning it was a bright eyed and early start for all the merry campers, despite the alcohol consumed the previous night, as they took on more fuel in the breakfast room in the form of museli, bacon butties and coffee. A fitting end to a brilliant party. All bodes well for the Red Sea. Many thanks to Anja and Carl for their hospitality and bravery.

January News Articles in Local Press.

Dewi Jones the Club’s press secretary was able to get an article printed in both local papers at the beginning of the month. It seemed that it was the second article which had more effect.

Tuesday 8th January Tudor Lodge Sports Dive Theory Test

Congratulations to Craig, Gemma, Nick and Simon for finally passing their sports diver theory test.

Sunday 6th January Vivian Quarry Training

Report and photographs to come.

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