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Sunday 25th February Plas Menai, Caernarfon

Both Peter and Lee attended the two day Instructor Training Course at Plas Menai over the weekend. Very little information has leaked out but we understand that all went well.

Thursday 22nd February Glyn Garth Country Club, AGM & Social

Then out of the blue came “And who do you think you are going to please with that wee thing?” The old raconteur had not lost his touch. Chris in his talk took us from the slums of Holyhead, round the UK atomic power stations sites, up to Scotland, out to the Gulf and finally down to Porth Ceiriad. He had us feeling horror, sorrow, pity and revulsion with his story of retrieving a corpse of a man from the River Dee with the young daughter nearby, then shot us upright in our chairs with his mate Ken’s description of what Chris and the corpse looked as so they were doing as they surfaced. “Due to a communication problem”; said Chris. Anyway after the talk Chris took questions and then crowned the new DO with a hard hat.

The evening was very well attended and a good time seemed to be had by all. The AGM took 10 minutes longer than promised. The new chairman has an easy target to beat. The officers and committee were elected for the year and the Club adopted the Bye-laws and the rules on Junior membership. Chris and Val had kindly laid on food for and then it was over to Chris for his excellent talk.

Sunday 18th February Vivian Quarry

Just four divers involved with training with Mike Duke providing shore cover. Both Peter and Dewi were doing the DO2 practical session in which the instructor shows the trainee how to lead a dive with an Ocean Diver trainee of 4 open water dives. David took Dewi and Hugh drew the short straw with Peter. Both DL trainees gave a good example of an inexperienced trainee. Peter did go the extra mile and behaving like that trainee from hell. For example: hiding above the instructor, entering a wreck, squeezing through an opening far too small, swimming in the wrong direction, swimming on the wrong side of instructor and allowing himself to be distracted by Pussy Galore. The debrief was interesting.

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