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Caernarfon & Denbeigh Herald Report.

As a result of contacts by Mick Griffith and his young Sue, Hugh and David among others were contacted by Rachel Owen for the article. She obviously thought that the photograph of David was a knockout and so we got a second viewing of it from the Caernarfon & Denbigh archives. Pity it was taken in Dorothea!

Sunday 17th September. Segontium.

A gloomy and drizzly start at Pendre gave way to quite a pleasant day as soon as we left the Lleyn and approached Trefor, which was to be our launch site for the day. The dive site was to be the Segontium and since low water slack was just before 2 p.m. it was going to be the only dive of the day. Six divers ventured out, Dewi Irfon, Wyn, Peter, Micky and Hugh, a good thing that there weren’t any more as Seawasp was only running on 91% propeller power (see last week).

Just under half an hour found us on the wreck site, we deployed the shot and Hugh and Wyn kitted up ready for slack. They found the wreck 8m to the side of the shot and they had a pleasant, but relatively short dive because of depth considerations. Wyn came face to face with a “massive” conger and was impressed with the wreck. The next two in, Irfon and Dewi weren’t so lucky as they didn’t see the wreck on the way down and since the viz was less than 2 meters, they failed to find the wreck altogether, even though a good experience of deeper diving for both of them. Last in were Micky and Peter. Micky showed Peter where the propeller ‘used’ to be and later offered to show him where the propeller is now.

It was very kind of Irfon and Dewi to supply the site with some ‘fish food’ before departure, something was muttered about ‘feeding and preserving the marine life on the wreck for future club trips’. A lone porpoise was seen on the way back to Trefor.

Irfon Jones.

Sunday 10th September. Braich y Pwll/Porth Colmon

A fantastic late summers morning and turning up at Porth Colmon found a flat sea. Only 5 divers for the morning; Hugh, David, Lee ( who was using the day to gain experience for his diver coxswain qualification),Wyn & Tim. By the time the boat was in the water and we were on our way the sea was becoming a little more rough. Given that the was also an extremely high spring tide we knew we would have to search for a suitable dive site.

After launching it was decided to head down the peninsular towards Bardsey in search of a bay offering calm water and little tide. On the way we stopped at Maen Mellt to view a cauldron of mini whirlpools and eddies. Killing the rib engine we found we were drifting up to 3.1 miles per hour. We finally reached Braich Y Pwll and found shelter. In first were Hugh & Tim complete with cameras. The vis wasn’t good so a buddy line was the order of the day. Down on the bottom at a max depth of 20.3mtrs there wasn’t an abundant amount of marine life though some pics were taken. In next went David, Wyn & Lee again attached together with a buddy line.

It was then back to Porth Colmon for a relaxing lunch soaking up a few rays and to collect Peter & Irfon for the afternoon dive at a maximum depth of around 17mts on the reef at Porth Colmon. Out in the bay we found the “Duke” and deposited a couple of divers on to his vessel. In first this time was Peter & Irfon, Hugh & Tim. Down on the bottom the vis was greatly improved and a lot more marine life to see than the mornings dive. In next were David,Wyn,Lee and the “Duke” who also found good conditions on the bottom. Up first was Dukey (he didn’t have too much air going down) who appeared on the surface some distance away from where we finally collected the others. Back at Porth Colmon it was evident that it would be impossible to bring the trailer down through the rocks and seaweed to retrieve the boat so after depositing Lee and Hugh on the shore it was round to Porth Ysgaden to meet up with Lee.

But just one mishap as the boat left for Porth Ysgaden. Unfortunately the rock in the middle of the bay hadn’t moved since the last time we hit, it just over a year ago (21/8/05). This time it was the propeller which copped it. The dive marshal of the day, David “we’re clear of the rocks now” Jones, was not available for comment.

Tim Dop.

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