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Sunday 30/7/06 No diving.Poor Weather.

Sunday 23/7/06 Dive Report

Forecast was dependant on which report you looked like but we ended up with a force 3 south westerly and gorgeous sunshine. An early phone call from Sick Mick to say that he was still sick meant that there were 5 divers up for the morning dive – Robin, Hugh, David, Paul and Chris T. Mike and John Wright in Sparrowhawk also joined us. We were cutting it short to launch at Porth Ysgaden with the tide on the way out but managed to get both boats in the water just in the nick of time.

The first dive of the day was on the reef on a bearing of 240 degrees out of Porth Ysgaden. The sounder looked promising and depth was starting at 30m, which rose gradually up to 20m. The current was fairly strong – Paul, Chris T and Mick and JW went on the first wave followed by a threesome of David, Hugh and myself. We found it a cracking dive with lots of interesting features that hid a large range of interesting life – Lobsters, crabs, octopus, cuckoo wrasse, congers. pipe fish, thornback rays all went flying by. It was then back to Porth Ysgaden for lunch and to pick up Peter James.

Paul’s Peaks was the second dive of the day – a couple of large pinnacles a couple of miles out of Porth Dinllaen. As usual the pinnacles didn’t disappoint – just like a mini Caswenan in a way – plenty of life with some jewel anemones, nudibranchs, crabs, fish and a large lobster. The sea state by now had got pretty rough so it was a rough trip against the tide back to Porth Ysgaden. All in all a couple of very enjoyable dives.

Robin J

Wednesday 20th July Maen Mellt/Porth Ferin

Seven divers arrived at Porth Colmon at 5:30pm for an evening boat dive. David & Irfon (who had prepared and brought the rib), Peter, Wyn, Tim, Cathy and Hugh. It was rather warm with a temperature of around 28 deg C. It was over to Porth Ferin to drop Hugh and Cathy for a training dive. Cathy did her first water entry from the rib in very confident fashion, and then explored the bay. Meanwhile the main diving went on the South side of the Maen Mellt reef, a site the club has never dived before. It was great with tons of life including congers and wrasse and a very interesting seascape.

After their dive Hugh & Cath were picked up from the Porth Ferin shore and then Hugh joined David to dived the reef. During the dive a massive bull huss was cut free from a fishing line by Hugh as David wrestled to hold it still, much in the style of a cowboy riding a bull at a rodeo. Full marks to David; he wasn’t thrown off.

Back at Pendre after quite a noticeable delay the rest of the group joined David & Irfon who had finished cleaning the boat. Then it was down to the pub were we wished Irfon ‘Bon Voyage’ for his Australia trip which starts on Sunday.

Sunday 16th July Bardsey/Carreg Allan

Fantastic weather but rather an unfriendly tide. But it was off to Bardsey to find some slack water. Unfortunately Hugh and Mick didn’t find it on their dive on the SW corner near the lighthouse. Their dive was aborted after separation. Malcolm and Wyn dived off Pen y Cil and got a really good dive. Mick at this point was definitely under the weather and so after picking Peter up from St Mary’s Well, we dropped “sick Mick” on a suitable lump of rock below Mynydd Anelog and went diving. After two extremely fast drift dives (2.5 hours later) we picked him up. He was understandably hungry having puked his breakfast up and forgotten to take his lunch with him on leaving the boat.

Wednesday 12th July. No diving.

Monday 10th – 14th July Isle of Man

Hugh, David, Lee, Mike had five days in the Isle of Man.

Sunday 9th July. No diving.

Wednesday 5th July Cyprian

The Club breaking new ground in David organised shore dives took advantage of the invitation from Irfon to dive from a bay on Hirdre Farm. The aim was to get to the wreck of the Cyprian which is just about 100yds off shore. David, Irfon, Wyn, Peter and Robin made for the wreck while Hugh and Cathy dived in the bay.

Sunday 2nd July Bardsey/Seagull Island

Irfon organising and Neil marshalling. A lovely day. Calm conditions. Just four of us for the morning dive. David and Irfon dived close to the cliffs to the left of Bae Nant on Bardsey.They had an excellent dive in an area known for its difficult currents. Hugh & Neil dived off the SW side of the island. A good dive but it did start rather shallow in kelp. Then it was in to Aberdaron to pick up Peter and Wyn and have lunch.

Our second dive was the west of the gap between the Seagull Islands. Peter caused confusion with the boat crew when he put up his DSMB with “John” written in large letters on it. The return journey from Aberdaron to Porth Colmon took just 29minutes in perfect conditions. (This should have been written by the DO!).

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