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Sunday 25th February-Plas Menai

Robin Jones and Mick Griffiths attended the BSAC Instructors Foundation Course at Plas Menai. They can now build up some practical training experience with the Club. Due to an administrative mess up Lee and Peter did not get the chance to go.

Sunday 19th February – Vivian Quarry

A mass training event at the quarry with David, Neil and Hugh as instructors, Irfon, Dewi, Wyn, Peter, Tim, Robin and Mick the trainees. An honorable visit by Mike & Vi Duke but not for diving! Dewi and Irfon completed their SO4 Compass Navigation and DSMB deployment successfully. Wyn, Tim and Peter completed theirs.

Sunday 5th February – MCL Sports Diver Theory

Another early start for all involved including Gwenllian. The last three sports diver lectures were done: Deeper Diving – David, Air Planning and Systems – Hugh and finally Going Diving – Neil. David also asked for a response to the email on BSAC Special Development Courses by next Wednesday and started the process of organising the remaining open water dive sessions. The new projector (see photograph above) was a great success. The picture was very bright (we could keep the lights on) and sharp. It was extremely quiet and the remote control made it un-necessary to return to the computer to move the presentation on.

Friday 3rd February – Alun Ffred – Scallop Dredging.

David Jones & Hugh Evans met with Alun Ffred (Assembly Member) in Caernarfon to voice the Club’s concern on hearing that scallop dredging was in danger of starting up within the Lleyn Peninsula and the Sarnau Special Area of Conservation (SAC) in the near future. We had, the previous week, sent him a letter voicing our concerns on behalf of the Club.

We were given a good hearing and Alun Ffred will now investigate the situation. He was, unfortunately, rather hooked on the idea that a few local small boats could be allowed under licence to continue to dredge. We tried to convince him that given the destructive nature of dredging there should be some places were dredging never takes place, these being the ‘Protected areas’ designated by the Countryside Council for Wales.

This is not the end. Members who are interested in knowing more or wanting to help, should get in touch with David (01758 740504).

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