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Thursday 21st December

Which part of the body looses the most heat? The lung capacity of the average adult is? and many more questions were answered correctly by Gemma and Ben and got them success in the Ocean Diver theory assessment held at the Vic. As the assessment comes to an end the photograph below shows the relative stress levels of those present.

Tuesday 19th & Thursday 21st December

Mike and David completed their Advanced Diver rescue skills review with mask removal at 20m, AAS from 20m, controlled buoyant lift from 20m and 50m of towing with rescue breathing. The picture below shows them having completed all tasks. Mike is soaking wet.

Monday 18th December Dickies

Congratulations to Janine in passing her Ocean Diver theory assessment.

Sunday 17th December Viviian

A big day for David and Mike as they would be doing their Rescue Management Review as part of their Advanced Diver qualification. At the same time advantage was taken of the fact that Robin would be able to complete DO5 as part of his Dive Leader qualification. DO Neil (newly wed), Wyn and Irfon (both wedded many moons ago) were there it assist in the rescues and get a chance to review some of the rescue skills. Hugh was the instructor for this gathering and didn’t even have to get his feet wet let alone carry scuba gear up and down to the water.

The advanced diver review started with Mike in charge of managing the rescuing of David and Wyn. Wyn was a very relaxed casualty and David needed no instructions to go into acting mode and fain unconsciousness to add to Mike’s problems. David then took over and was in charge of managing the rescuing of Mike & Robin. Revenge time as Mike feigned unconsciousness at the beginning of the rescue thereby doubling the manager’s problems. Finally Robin led the management of DO Neil who had not got wet so far. He did complain about the time he was having to spend in the water but this was training so we ignored him.

All three candidates exceptionally well. Everyone got a chance to see the new Basic Life Support procedures in practice, and some even to use them. Thanks to all who took part.

Wednesday 14th December Tudor Lodge

Congratulations to Mike Duke for passing the Advanced Diver Theory Assessment and to Anja Grunert for passing the Ocean Diver Theory Assessment.

Tuesday 13th December Tudor House

The last two theory lessons were completed with Ocean diver trainees: Carl, Anja, Simon, Gemma, Ben and Janine. Robin and Mick took a lesson each supervised by the Training Officer David.

Saturday 9th December The Barn

A great evening was had by all. Julie was again our mistress of ceremonies this time uninhibited by Malcolm who was unable to be present. New members and their partners had been warned about the likely adult content of the evening. However they still came and Julie did not disappoint them. In fact it does seem from some of the photographs below that the adult gifts were going to be a useful addition to the bedside drawer. The excellent meal was followed by the charades which this year turned out be fairly clean. Those present showed their intelligence by getting every title correct and followed it by doing well on the quiz. The evening was rounded off with the raffle which apart from raising money for the club, enabled us to identify two unapologetic whiskey drinkers. Many thanks to Julie for organising the evening. HE.

Wednesday 6th December Pool Night.

All trainees present with Janine in for the first time. A few close encounters as instructors and trainees battled for pool space, but all was accomplished safely and a good time was had by all. The instructors were Robin, Mick and Malcolm with David (Training Officer) and Hugh overseeing some of the instruction.

Sunday 3rd December Tudor Lodge

Have a croissant my good man. Have you enough lait in your cafe au lait? Were we having breakfast in a Parisian hotel? No This is how we now start our Ocean diver training sessions. Good food is so important for the brain I think. Thanks to Carl and Anja (I hope the beds got made) we held our first Ocean diver lectures at their Tudor Lodge in Porthmadog. The room was ideal and the catering excellent. Mick and Robin took the first lecture, ‘Diving Equipment and Dive Signals’, between them which went very well. We were all intrigued by references to Robin’s thingy. Hugh followed up with ‘The Body and Effects of Diving’ with surprisingly no reference to Robin’s thingy. There was a slight lecture time over-run so it was decided to limit the session to two lectures and do another two lectures on Tuesday evening at the same venue.

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