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Sunday 26th June Trwyn Carreg y Tir

Hugh, Neil, Malcolm. Robin and Mick in the morning dive. Hugh and Neil actually dived the Trwyn but this time on the reef which is the extension of the island. An excellent dive and well worth repeating on a future occasion.

The other three dived to release a lobster buoy a few hundred yards off shore in the tidal area. Job done with a bit of a tidal problem reef was also found along with an attentive seal.

The it was back to Abersoch to pick up Peter, Irfon and Dewi for a dive to max 15 metres off St Tudwals (East) from the cave at the south end. An ideal dive.

Sunday 19th June Pen Cristin (Bardsey)

Just four on the RB in the morning as we scuttled across to Bardsey. The mist was down and Bardsey could not be seen from Braich y Pwll. Neil steered 200deg N, then adjusted to 190deg N and hit the island on the head. He seemed relieved. A good dive was had at Pen Cristen. Not a bit of tide. A lot of life and an interesting landscape.

It was then back to Porth Colmon to pick up Dewi and Irfon for their training dive over at Porth Iago (no photographs!). It went well and we managed to stay out of the current. A good day.

Wednesday 16th June the Vic

A very social evening was had as members while supping the available brew aided the DO in getting a diving plan set up for the second half of the season. No photographs available. Mike, Mick, Hugh, Chris, Paul, Irfon, Dewi (paid his bill), Wyn, Malcolm, Neil, and Robin. David and Lea were unavailable as they were up in Scotland doing a loch or two.

Sunday 12th June St Tudwals

After testing the water on the Porth Colmon side and finding it too windy we took off for Pwllheli and the St Tudwals area. Paul and Chris in their rib and Malcolm, Hugh, Neil, Lea, Carol Robin and David with the Club rib. It was quite choppy as we started diving on the Half Tide Rocks but below was a fantastic experience with the seals. In fact almost too much. They just would not leave us alone. Nibbling and tugging our fins and getting very in our face.

In the afternoon Carol and Lea left us and we were joined by Irfon, Dewi, Peter and Wyn for a training dive (OO3) at Penychain.

Wednesday 8th June Criccieth

A large group came to Criccieth for training and some just for a dive. Wyn, Peter, Hugh, David, Irfon, Dewi, Cathy, Carol, Hayley, Lea, Neil, Robin and Malcolm. It was a lovely evening.

Wednesday 1st June Trefor

The evening found Neil & myself, & Wyn, Peter, Irfon, Dewi & Colin, back at Trefor Pier, where the viz. was again poor, and the swell under the pier a bit strong. But the east side of the pier provided a sheltered spot to practice the exercises in OO2.

(David W Jones).

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