Wave Shape
Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Sunday 31st July Carreg Allan – Braich y Pwll

We had seen better weather but it was a 7.3m tide and we couldn’t waste it. We found a reef off Carreg Allan which looked promising. It went from about 17 metres up to 9 metres but unfortunately there wasn’t much exposed rock. Mick, Lee and Robin did the first wave and Malcolm and Hugh the second. A large octopus was seen which hung about for quite a time.

At half time Lee left us at Whistling Sands and Peter, Dewi and Irfon joined us. We motored over to Braich y Pwll and dived in the sheltered waters there. The dive was part of the OO4 lesson 15-20 metres for Peter, Irfon and Dewi. All went very well.

Wednesday 27th July Porth Ysgaden

2pm on a Wednesday afternoon and we have six club members at Porth Ysgaden. Is nobody working?! Irfon and Dewi completed elements of OO4 being the controlled buoyant lift and the tow. Wyn without any question completed OO2 with mask removal and buoyancy high on the list of skills. Cathy instructed by David did elements of OO1. Conditions were ideal. A spider crab, a conger eel out in the open water, minnows, a lot of wrasse and the usual hermit crabs were seen.

Menai Straits

Wednesday night’s dive was under the old suspension bridge on the Menai Straits. Robin had always fancied a threesome but not with Malcolm and Tim Dop as partners !! The tide was running strong when we arrived so after sorting the plan and kitting up we were ready to go. The viz wasn’t brilliant however we had quite an interesting dive. The sea bed was covered in many interesting sponges, anemones, and amorous swimming crabs.We also saw some large edible crabs , a lobster, few wrasse and tompot blennies all of which were caught on camera by Malcolm.

(Robin Jones).

Thursday 21st July Porth Ysgaden

Hugh & Wyn, David and Cathy, Wyn and Cathy did some training while Peter & Carol just had a swim around. The evening was very successful.

Wednesday 20th July Vivian Quarry

Yes we are here again. Hugh, David and Robin chose the afternoon to finish off Robin’s sports diver qualification. Richard (David’s nephew) also came along. All that was required was a Control buoyant lift (CBL) and towing with AV. Robin produced an excellent performance and is now a Sports Diver.

Sunday 17th July Segontium

Neil, David, Peter, Malcolm and Hugh for the Segontium. A lovely day. A reasonable start (10:30am). A couple of ribs in the water at Trefor waiting to go over to the Segontium. We put a shot down and Hugh, Peter and David went down first. The shot had to be taken back up to the wreck. The vis wasn’t too clever but that could have been due to the multitude of divers around. There were plenty of small fish, plumose anemones galore, some large congers and one lobster. An excellent dive.

Wednesday 13th July Menai Straits

An excellent evening’s diving was had by all. Diving along the cable.

Tuesday 12th July 2005

Congratulations to Lee, Arwyn and Mick who have all now just passed their Dive Leader Theory exam. The exam provided us with an opportunity to meet Arwyn. There now follows the open water lessons.

Sunday 10th July 2005 Gwenfaen

A brilliant weather forecast. Good sea conditions and the plan is one dive on the Gwenfaen. Slack started around 2 hours before HW Liverpool. Micky Duke put a shot line on the wreck. David and Robin did the first wave and Hugh and Lee did the second. the visibility was around 5-6 metres with a bit of a plankton. It was really easy to get a good idea of the shape of the wreck. There were congers, tompot blennies, Pollack and lobsters it was a great day.

Sunday 3rd July 2005. Porth Colmon Reef

David, Lee, Carol, Malcolm and Hugh from Porth Colmon. Porth Colmon was a bit choppy probably due to the tide. We had a sea condition report from Alan Kibble earlier in the morning which slightly under estimated the conditions. We turned right and dived in.

Malcolm, Hugh and Lee in the first wave. We went in just up tide of the reef. We landed on the reef in the sea weed and then made our way in a NW direction towards deeper water. An excellent dive. Plenty of gulleys. David and Carol didn’t have such a good dive. Probably the current was stronger and they found it difficult to get to deeper water.

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