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Sunday 12th & Saturday 18th September Vivian Training

David Jones preparing for his Open Water Instructor assessment on Sunday 19th September in Holyhead. Hugh and Lee spent two sessions with David as willing trainees as he polished up his technique. The Sunday was rather a wet day but the following Saturday morning was really pleasant. It was almost a pleasure to have a gentle breeze caressing ones legs during the changing process. Lee had his mind on food most of the time as it turns out. While David and Hugh were content to have a coffee and cake at Pete’s Eats as an afternoon tea; Lee ordered a Monster Ham & Cheese Omelet and chips. Who taught him to chew each mouthful 45 times?

Sunday 5th September Maen Mellt Area

A lovely day. A big high pressure over the UK and just six for diving. Hugh, David, Tim and Malcolm in the club rib and Mike and John in Mike’s rib.

The first dive was over at Maen Mellt. Although the tide was running David and Hugh, Malcolm and Tim went in on the lee side of the island. Visibility was around three metres. Next to no current. The main memory of the dive was the five conger eels that we saw. There were a lot of wrasse and several lobsters and crabs. An excellent dive.

Mike and John then went for their dive to the West of the island. We followed the single DSMB diligently. We were surprised towards the end of the dive to see a second SMB some distance from the first. After what seemed like 10 minutes (as BSAC divers will know it could only have been 30 seconds) Mike surfaced as the photograph below was taken.

During the second dive with good diving conditions a bit more separation took place. It is hoped that lessons will be learned, DSMBs carried by all divers and DSMB deployment training given.

Wednesday 2nd September Was it wise?

DO Neil’s wisdom tooth operation has left members with a problem in recognising him. In order to assist members id photographs have been provided below.

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