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Sunday 15th February 2004

Two parts to the day for Arwyn and Mick’s training. First we went to Coleg Meirion Dwyfor – Glynllifon for the Diver Rescue lecture using the latest electronic whiteboard technology. Neil took the lecture and Hugh and David sat in.

Then it was over to Vivian Quarry for the Decompression stop practical session which included using a distance line. David did the instruction. The laying of a distance line is usually done in poor visibility. It wasn’t poor before they started but by the time that Arwyn and Mick laid their line it was pea soup. Great experience and successfully done.

Don came over to dive but had to leave because of kit problems. Young Mick & Vi Duke came along to give support and walk the dog.

Sunday 8th February 2004

This was more like it; that lovely biting sensation around the legs. I had almost forgotten what a Llanberis freezing wind could feel like. People pay good money to have this done to them.

A useful day. We started the Sports Diver training with Mick, Arwyn and Gwyn. The dive was a bit of a recap before the new stuff and they all did very well. Hovering at different depths between 6m and the surface will show up any buoyancy problems; there were none.

A bit of practice on the DSMB proved popular. Size, it was found, is important when we are talking about the DSMB and the reel. Everybody is going to go for a big one. After a quick jump into Llyn Padarn to practice removing weight belts it was off to Pete’s Eats and another successful training session was over.

Sunday 25th January 2004

There were wild horses and a pretty little blue moon above, there was no salt water nor any brass portholes below, Alan Kibble would not have believed his eyes had he been there, as Micky Duke did a stride entry into Vivian quarry. Vivian quarry makes another convert, however unlikely.

There was a second Vivian convert in Tim Dop, who after qualifying and then getting all his kit late last year joined us to dive with Malcolm. In all it was a great afternoon with Arwyn and Mick successfully doing their Ocean diver crossover with David and DO Neil. They can now start on the new Sports Diver training.

Sunday 11th January 2004 Vivian Quarry

Congratulations to Mick for passing his Club diver assessment. It was dogged determination and a set of speed fins which did it. The split fins were so effective for Mick that he had to stop every so often to let his instructor catch up. DO Neil was able to come along to give support and to congratulate Mick at then end.

Training will start very shortly for Sports Diver training for both Mick and Arwyn.

Saturday 3rd January 2004 Vivian Quarry

After many dunkings in the pool at the leasure centre and some rather colder sessions in Vivian Quarry Arwyn Rowlands, today in Vivian Quarry, passed his Club Diver qualification. There was quite a gathering of club members as can be seen on the photograph. A good afternoon was had by all except Lee whose dry suit decided it wanted to be a wet suit; not nice in water at 5°C!

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