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Wave Shape

Wednesday 27th November 2002.

Lecture: Ocean Diving. 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Practical: Second part of Sheltered Water Lesson 5 to complete.

Sunday 24th November 2002

Good old Vivian Quarry. It was good to be back for what turned out to be a qualified success for David Morgan who got his Sports Diver qualification and Dylan Humphries who achieved his Club Diver Qualification. Congratulations to both of them.

Quite a group met in the car park next to the quarry at 1 pm; Malcolm. Elfed, Neil, David J, David M, Karen, Carys, and Gwyn. After the diving at around 3:45 Neil got his barbeque out and we all had a taste of black sausages prepared by Carys. In case you are wondering, the colour was due to the length of cooking and not the ingredients.

Wednesday 20th November 2002.

Lecture: Adventurous Diving.
Practical: Second part of Sheltered Water Lesson 5 almost complete.

Wednesday 13th October 2002

The three trainees; Mick, Arwyn and Karen made an excellent start on Club Diver Sheltered Water Lesson 5 in the pool and will finish off at the next Club night.

The theory lesson “Gases under Pressure” given by the DO, Neil Rawlinson had everyone in ruptures.

Thursday 24th – 27th October 2002

Expedition to Loch Fyne

Paul Turkentine organised the expedition. There were ten of us in all. Three from the Club; Hugh Evans, David Jones and Chris Turkentine. Then Rohan and Kirsten, Paul and Lucy and finally George and Frankie (Francesca?) all from the Menai Club.

Friday 18th October 2002

New Sports Diver Qualified.

Just two more metres to go before he passed his Sports diver qualification. Paul Filby ascending after having to lead the ‘club diver from hell’ (David Jones) (right!) round the perimeter of Vivian Quarry as part of his sports diver assessment.

I had asked David to be a ‘little difficult’ but David doesn’t do ‘little difficult’ I think David has been waiting for a long time for somebody to ask him to act difficult and his performance was memorable. However Paul handled the situation beautifully and ended up herding David along the side of the quarry like a very efficient sheep dog.

Sunday 13th October 2002

Sports Diver assessment for Paul in Vivian Quarry planned. But not a lucky day for David. I hadn’t the heart to take a photograph of the three of us in the Slate Museum car park Llanberis as David told us that he had left his suit behind.

Sunday 6th October 2002

One would have thought it safer to stay ashore on a 9.9 metre spring tide. Is this a diving club or a virtual diving club? We did Braich Y Pwll from Porth Colmon. We being David, Carol, Paul, Chris, Malcolm and Hugh (Photy below). We had very little tide; the landscape was very interesting consisting of some peaks and small boulders. There wasn’t much in the way of large creatures except for conger eels. The vis was around 4 metres.

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