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Dry Club Night 18th December 2002

The last club night of the year. The three trainees (Arwyn, Karen & Mick), sat down amid the Christmas revellers to do their Club diver written assessment under the eagle eye of Hugh “Great it’s Vivian Quarry again” Evans. You could see that they were taking it seriously when they bought one pint of beer between the three of them. Dukey left us once he had made sure that everyone had shown up and once he had found out what had gone on at the Christmas party. As the test progressed the DO joined the by now quietly writing group, looking as so he could do with a good nights sleep. Finally it came to the marking and all three narrowly missed getting a pass. Time for beer. They should have no problem next time.

Christmas Party Friday 13th December 2002

Many thanks to Julie for organising the event. The two tables were wisely kept far apart. On table 1: Malcolm and Julie, Hugh, Arwyn, Neil and Nikki, Lee, David J and Carol, David M, Paul and Hayley. Table 2: Mike and Vi, Ken and Chris, Alan, Chris, Elfed, Karen, Carys and husband, Don and Ffiona.

Mike Duke was very much into toasting. Malcolm enthralled Hayley, Paul and David M with his version of a canoe racing competition which had elements which were extremely realistic. Best of all was Malcolm’s challenge to Hayley to show why a 95 year old spinster had remained untouched all her life, by moving just two of the eight matches laid out in a figure of eight on the table top. The answer surprised even Hayley.

Lee successfully got an alcohol sniffing challenge going, using the base of an up turned wine glass to hold rather a powerful spirit. The star was David M who really got stuck in and gave his olfactory sensors the time of their lives.

Some dancing was tried by some but by then the alcohol was having its effect. Julie did a quiz in were I didn’t even understand the answers let alone the questions. And there were prizes many many prizes. All in all a very good time was had by all. When’s the next one?

Sorry no pictures.

Club Night 11th December 2002

Arwyn and Mike had been practicing at mask clearing and taking off kit (underwater), the previous Wednesday Club Night so it was time for the Club Diver assessment. Karen who has missed a few sessions will be taking her assessment after Christmas.

All went well the pair went through the skills with little problem. Mick showed great strength of character in relearning the skill of breathing out through his nose to clear his mask with a mask full of water. The, forward roll, neutral buoyancy, mask clearing, regulator recovery, assisted air supply and regulator sharing went well. All there is left is the controlled buoyant lift, taking off kit and the 200 metre swim using snorkel. A dodle.

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