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Dive organiser duties

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Duties of a Dive Organiser

The Dive Organiser is the person named in the Dive Programme for the dive. The Dive Organiser assists the Dive Manager. It is the Dive Manager who plans the day’s diving, sees the plan is executed and is responsible for the safety of all the members on the dive.

The job of the Dive Organiser is to assist the Dive Manager by:

  • Getting information about the dive from the Dive Manager. (before 6:30 the night before),
  • ascertain status of Club RIB (petrol, repair, etc) and arrange means of transporting and launching,
  • taking the names of members wishing to go on the dive (between 6:30-7:30 the night before),
  • and giving them information about the dive. Where and when to meet. Special equipment needed. Help required,
  • updating the Dive Manager on numbers coming on the dive and any problems,
  • assisting Dive Manager during the day of the dive,
  • collect the money (boat levy + expenses) after the dive,
  • pay the expenses,
  • go home happy in the knowledge that you have done your bit.

David Jones. Diving Officer. 13th March 2010. Revised 8th July 2011.

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