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Guidance on fuel cost

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Guidance on fuel cost

  1. Record the fuel meter reading after the boat has been launched and is sitting level on the sea.
  2. Do the same on return to the launch point at the end of the day’s diving, while the boat is still in the water.
  3. This will give you a reasonably accurate proportion of the fuel tank capacity used during the day, say in multiples of 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 tank.
  4. With petrol prices back up to about £1,30 a litre a full tank of fuel (96 litres) will cost about £125.
  5. Although fuel prices are presently rising dive managers and organisers should base the calculation of the fuel used by the boat on the following multiples. If the fuel usage falls somewhere in between you should round up to the nearest fraction.
    1. 1/16th tank: £8;
    2. 1/8th tank: £16;
    3. 1/4 tank: £32;
    4. 1/2 tank: £64;
    5. etc.

  6. The boat and the jerry cans have been filled using an advance from Vi, so if you find that you haven’t collected enough money to refill the tank and the jerry cans then either you or the previous team must have underassessed the fuel usage and a correction may be needed.
  7. Fuel costs will be monitored throughout the season with the above charges being adjusted up or down, as necessary.

Hopefully if we all stick to the above guidelines it will be enough to enable us to keep the fuel float in the black, as we managed last season. However, should the balance run low we will have to increase the amount charged in order to make up the shortfall by slightly overcharging the divers on future outings, which is something we have to try and avoid.


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