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Sunday 6th November 2011. Cilan Head.

With weather conditions improving and Dewi being reminded during the Wednesday pool sessions by the clubs current keenest diver (?) that he was the organiser a plan was hatched. Firstly it meant a quick text message to the Manager Robin who had secretly hoped that Dewi had forgotten. Weather forecasts were for bright sunshine and slight northerly winds - with the promised good weather it seemd like a good idea to have a dip in the salty stuff rather than the bland tasting fresh water of the quarry. Was Mike's boat available for the hoards of expected divers of course it was - was it needed, sadly no.

It was a one dive day due to slack being 11.30am and given we are now into limited daylight hours - with a respectful meeting time of 10am at Castell March it allowed everyone opportunity to go to church if they so wished.

A total of five Divers turned out Robin, Dewi, Andrew, David and Mike - with Wyn off on a Cultural !! visit to Estonia it was left to Hywel to launch us. Preparations went well given this was the first club boat outing since August bank holiday until Robin shouted "anybody got an insert for my 15 litre tank", thankfully the ever stocked Nissan belonging to Mike came to the rescue.

Launching went well until we attempted to start the engine, all that could be heard was a whimper from and engine which seemed to have already been in hibernation. Robin set upon the task to use all of his mechanical knowledge and gave the casing a bit of a slap and hey presto the engine fired into life.

A dive on Cilan head was planned and having raced there in no time only to find a dim and uninviting green sea awaiting. No takers there so it was decided to return to Carreg y Trai. It was decided to throw the Saga pair in first with Andrew accompanying in an effort to bring down the average age. Surpringly Mike lost the other two or was it the other two that lost Mike, with poor viz the dive was probable average at best with no scallops for Mike.

Robin and Dewi decided to try diving the Prawn wreck as Carreg y Trai now had another dive boat present. With no shot line it was going to be a challenge to find the wreck underwater let alone for the Cox of the club boat who circled for an age it seemed. The command came and both divers flopped off and dive bombed to the sea bed ASAP - no wreck to be found, a short swim against the tide found them face to face with the Wreck. Poor viz to be found nevertheless the Wreck was navigated several times with good life including shoals of fish, Lobster and crabs to be found.

With all dives completed we returned with the days diving completed at about 2.30pm. Big thanks to Hywel for launching Sea Wasp which has only third of a tank of petrol remaining. Dewi.

Wednesday 4th October 2011. Vivian Quarry.

The sea being ruled out yet again, the six stalwarts who from "The Lleyn Sub Aqua Club eel appreciation society" decided to dive Vivian Quarry, yet again!! Brett, Nia, Irfon, Andrew, myself and Kirk (don't worry Kirk hasn't lost it, he was over in Bangor visiting family and couldn't resist a club dive and the oportunity to introduce his lovely wife, Fay.)

We all met at 17.30 at the dive site. A combination of poor vis ,and the lack of light made it more interesting! In fact Brett and Nia did 45 mins, Kirk and Mike did 50 mins, Irfon and Andrew won with 56 mins. As we came out of the water there were 6 divers from another club just going in on a night dive. It,s better than not diving; we saw 5 eels.

We then retired to the Glyntwrog pub to de-brief, and off gas. Brett instructed us on how to pick up an adder and other tales of a mis-spent youth. Mike Duke.

Sunday 2nd October 2011. North Coast.

After failing to manage a single outing in the sea in September, but having good turnouts for all of the Sunday & Wednesday dives at the quarries, you might have thought that there would be a bit of a clamour for a trip out on the boat. Seems though that everyone knew something that the four of us who did turn out had forgotten, namely that after a week of big Spring tides it's usually badly stirred up. So we had a very fast drift over some very impressive reefs in almost total darkness with about a metre viz. We did fleetingly see a few interesting fish, including Andrew's first red gurnard, but most were hunkered down in crannies in the reef. No one was interested in repeating the exercise so we were out of the water by lunchtime. The best thing we did see was a seal playing with a big seabass that it had caught, but we only caught that because Mickey had to stop the boat to put his glasses on! DJ

Sunday 25th September 2011. NWIDC.

It was another blown out day at the seaside, so it was off to the NWIDC for some therapeutic leisure time. After a confusing phone in, with me not listening to my messages, we finally all knew what was going on. Me, Irfon, Mickey, Peter and Steve met up at 10.00am to dive on the pinnacles, which we were all keen to do. We went as a group of two and three and took a leisurely dip to 50 meters, or was that just me. I was sure there was someone with me, can't be sure though as narked. I'll have to put some voodoo gas in next time. Pinnacles were quite impressive and Mickey didn't disapoint us today, making sure some part of his equipment failed. It was only his pressure gauge, which might have been a tad unnerving at 45 metres, but for Mickey it all seemed to be good fun. He did look very cool in his SBS suit just missing the walther ppk. We were joined at 1.00pm by Emma, Iorwerth, Brett, Nia, and Andrew for a dive of pleasure training and reaquaintance that saw everyone have a wonderful dive and some finished their training, so all in all a good day. Thanks to all who turned up. Kirk

Wednesday 21st September 2011. Vivian Quarry.

Another wild week, weatherwise, so we were wondering if anyone would phone in, as it was clear that the only option was yet another visit to the murk that is presently Vivian Quarry. We needn't have worried, the present regulars don't let a bit of bad weather interfere with a dive night. An early 6pm start was necessary to beat the fading light, with four old hands turning out with an almost full complement of the Ocean Divers. Only Pete had the sense to say he'd rather not. Stephen took Emma, with Iorwerth as a not so willing body, to do the CBL, but unfortunately a bust mask clip caused Emma to abort, leaving the others free to play. Irfon led Lowri & Brett for a swim around with SMB deployment to end off, while I took Nia and Steven for the AS ascent & the dreaded mask exercises at 6m, but Steven had the good sense to call it a day when he felt unwell in the water. Nia though overcame all the gremlins to complete the mask removal and replacement at the first attempt without any problem, and then did a couple of well controlled AS ascents, to leave herself only a dive short of qualifying. Meanwhile Mike and his manservent - sorry, assistant - (Andrew), having tired of the murk at the near end, were spotted doing a survey of the wreck that lies to the right of the entry platforms!! Even with the early start it was dark by the time the last of us came out. Everyone made it to the Glyn Twrog, where the number who are into meals gets ever larger, although Mike admited that he enjoyed it more the previous week when he got by on the scraps intended for the doggy bags!! DJ

Sunday 11th September 2011, N W Inland Diving Centre.

There was no chance that we would be able to go out to sea, so there was only one other option open to us. Stay at home and watch Wales get narrowly beaten by South Africa (we were robbed) and then do a puddle jump or two.

Peter and Irfon Opted to do 2, they had a deeper dive on new grounds, just to keep their skills and interests up before they were joined by Mike, Iorwerth, Wyn and Andrew for a shallower affair on familiar grounds. The temperature and vis varied massively between the shallows and at depth, with it being very murky and warm 16°C on the first few meters to being 4°C and gin clear at depth. A good couple of dives, even though it does look like that we will be back sooner rather than later as the high winds do not look like relenting. Irfon.

11/09/11 Pool Night Dates

This autumn's pool night dates are now on the Club's notice board. Our first night from 8-9pm on the Wednesday 12th October 2011. Note that there is a Club' night during the school October half term.



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