Llyn Sub-Aqua Club


Despite the poor weather conditions for diving over the recent months, the members of the Lleyn Sub-Aqua Club have been kept busy.  Two more members Doctors Ian and Liz Lawrence have joined the other eleven members who passed their VHF radio operators examination - well done. Nine other members - Don, Paul and Michael Williams of Trefor, Neil Rawlinson, John Kibblewhite, Khris and Steph Jones of Garnfadryn and Meic and Elfed (Pendre) Roberts have all attended and gained their Boat Handling qualification. Three other members have almost completed their Dive Marshaling and Planning course Doctors Ian and Liz Lawrence and Malcolm (Pendre) Roberts - all we are waiting for, are for some good sea conditions over the next few Sundays !

However, it has not been all horses for courses ! The club arranged a farewell BBQ for two members John and Jonathan Kibblewhite, together with their faimily Julie and Rachael before they left for The Gambia. Julie (Pendre) Roberts our social secretary, laid on a fabulous spread and some forty or so divers and friends enjoyed an excellent evening at Wern Fawr. During the evening Malcolm (Pendre) Roberts our boat officer presented the Diving Officer Hugh Evans with the coverted ‘Prop Buster of the year’ award for the second year running ! We are now all ready for a season of excellent diving.



                               Neil Rawlinson in charge of cooking !


The Kibblewhite family.



Malcolm Roberts presenting Hugh Evans with the ‘Prop Buster of the Year’ Award !


Can you recognise anyone in this photo

Photo 22-01-2015 16 01 55.jpg

Here's a clue:

Members of Bangor-on-Dee River Rescue, set-up in the early 60's , the pictured was taken in November 1963.