Llyn Sub-Aqua Club

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Sunday 13 February 2011 - North Wales Inland Diving Centre.

A plan had been made in mid-December to have a two dive day during the second weekend in February, to include preparation for the Scapa trip, rescue management scenarios for DL trainees, followed by the DL theory exam. Amazingly, most of the Instructors and DL trainees were able to make it and were joined for the second dive by a couple of extra waifs and strays, let's call them the 2M's, who needed to check if they still had it in them!

So at 9am on a bleak, dull, windy, wet Sunday morning 8 hardy souls met up at the NWIDC. Buddy pairings reflected those for Scapa where possible. With only a few murmurings of rebellion we were soon trudging down the ever steeper ramp that leads to the water. Dive times varied from 14 minutes for Julie & Dave J, due to a by now familiar freeflow at 20m plus, to 48 minutes for Robin & Kirk. As Robin had had to retrace his steps from Bryncir back to Penmorfa to pick up his mask and computer he was clearly making the most of his single dive. Peter, who was diving in a snazzy new, to him, lime green dry suit, and Dave H managed 34 minutes, which was very commendable as the little green number proved to be anything but a dry suit. Irfon & Tracey managed only 28 minutes, with the item on test being Irfon's new dry glove system, purchased after he fell for some over-hyped letter of recommendation that the Dive magazine had seen fit to publish. Needless to say he had one very wet and very cold hand.

There was only time for a quick bite and a cuppa before the rescue management scenarios. Kirk, Dave H, Julie & Tracey were the trainee rescue managers, each carrying out a separate rescue exercise. With Robin away to his family or sheep and Peter deciding that even he couldn't face another outing in the green e-bay sieve, it was left to Irfon and one or other of the trainees to act out each scenario. The exercises went well, although Peter did tire of being repeatedly called upon to go and call the emergency services, while the first M to arrive did a sterling job of fetching and setting up the O2 kit. Lessons learnt included the need to get assistance out to the casualty quickly, i.e. with the initial rescuers donning only basic equipment, plus hood and gloves without which, as Kirk and Tracey found out, the head and hands can soon suffer. The need to give clear instructions, getting helpers to report back and making the most of the available resourses were all taken on board, as was the need to assist and monitor the buddy as well as the casualty.

After the debrief and another cuppa it was straight in for the second dive. Dave H decided that he'd had enough so Kirk joined Julie & Dave J to retest DJ's newly serviced regs on a minimum flow setting. However, Julie soon found that the chill she had felt at the end of the exercises was too severe and she aborted the dive leaving DJ to lead Kirk straight down only for the freeflow to recur exactly as in the morning, which suited Kirk just fine as he couldn't get out of the water quickly enough! Irfon & Tracey managed another 28 minute dive without incident while the 2M's found out that it helps if you turn off the right valve on a twinset if it freeflows. There is clearly need for further practice before Scapa as, somehow or other, they also managed to become separated, not to mention a lost and found torch and an interesting if unplanned ascent!!

It was then straight over to Tudor Lodge where Carl was eagerly awaiting the DL exam. Congratulations are due to him and Dave H, while the exertions of the day, with a very early start, had clearly taken its tole on the Shrewsbury 3. The realization that Julie & Tracey had missed out on the nitrox lessons also didn't help their cause. While the exam was going on Dave J went through Ocean Diver lessons OT2 & 3 with new members Brett & Nia so that they can start pool training on Wednesday evening.

A long day, but quite successful. Thanks are due to Irfon for organizing it all and to the Instructors for turning out, and not least to Carl & Anja yet again for the use of their breakfast room. Dave J.

5th Feb 2011 Nautical Archaeology Introduction Course

Early morning on Saturday 5th Feb 2011, 14 members of the club (some from as far away as England) met at Plas Menai for the Introduction course on Nautical Archaeology. The course consisted of classroom ,interesting lectures given by 3 tutors and some practical work on the floor. Then lunch.

We continued after lunch then at 3 pm it was into the pool for some practical work. There was some amusement provided by the member who had brought a wetsuit that had shrunk over the winter!! The logo "SNUGG" on the front which certainly lived up to it's name. I could name and shame but we all know who it was.

The course was enjoyed by all and I am hoping to set up a weekend where we can continue onto part 1 - for those interested.

Rescue scenarios

Kirk in 12 months

David H relaxing

Exam time


Course leader


Note taking

Party scenes. Photos: Rhian

In the future ,if we get enough members interested they will run another introduction course. They are subsidised by CADW and the cost to the member is £15 (£50 normally). The minimum qualification is Ocean Diver. You won't be disappointed. Mike Duke.

Saturday 22nd January. Vivian Quarry.

You know something’s amiss when at 3 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon that you’re the first divers to enter the quarry – and oh boy – it was cold, 3.4°C infact.

Anyway seven hardy soles were up for a dip, namely David J, Dave H and Brian – who would be undertaking the CBL, tows and BLS of DO7, whilst Dewi and Lee, and Irfon and Carl R would be taking a plunge just for the sake of it. Andrew came along to meet Neil and to see what diving equipment he had up for sale. It wasn’t surprising that the longest dive only lasted half an hour.

The Daves and Brian had the luxury of de-briefing in the warmth of David J’s hot dog van, sorry, that should read campervan, whilst the other five huddled round to keep warm, exchange banter and give Andrew tips about his first set of dive gear. A good first outing of the year for most, let’s hope it warms up a little bit for next time eh! Irfon.

Saturday 15th January 2011. Post-Crimble party. Bwyty Lleu, Dinas Dinlle.

A brilliant evening was had by all, as can be seen from the photographs which were taken well into the party. After the balloons and after Malcolm arrived, but before the quiz and raffle. The quiz was a subtle blend of pop and diving questions, pictures and words. Members felt that they gave a very good account of themselves. The food was good, the staff had a GSOH (they needed it) and the Bwyty had a really good party atmosphere. Many thanks to Rhian for all her work in making it such a success.