Llyn Sub-Aqua Club December

Dive Report Sunday 18th  December

A great turn out on the day with 6 divers and 2 shore cover, a shame the vis wasn’t looking as impressive. The pairings were Irfon with Jake, David with Brett and Andrew with Melanie and shore cover Nia with Will. Well I did say the vis wasn’t very inviting, on entry it was bloody awful a murky half a meter, David and Brett separated in the first seconds of the dive, but then Brett found David by tracking his bubbles, Andrew and Melanie within 8 minutes and Irfon with Jake not losing each other at all. On the return I should have been coming back over sand and I did for a bit, but after a while started feeling a bit sea sick and found boulders and getting deeper, but still heading on my reciprocal bearing so I decided to surface for a look-see. On surfacing I found myself at the mouth of the bay, my heading was correct but found the current was pulling me out, so decided stay on the surface and fin back but realised I wasn’t making any headway on the rocks, so a change of gear and a bit more speed was called for. All divers returned safe and sound bar me, still feeling sea sick  but all in all it was good to get in the sea again, I saw some lobsters, crabs but only small fish sand eels, dragonets and a weaver, oh and by the way if you ever get sea sick on a shore dive don’t expect any sympathy only a lot of p**s taking !.